Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Wall Hanger

Items required:

  1. A thick cardboard (7 inch sides)

  2. Poster or Acrylic colours (red,yellow,orange green)

  3. Golden thermacoal

  4. Woollen thread (pink and maroon)

  5. Glue & gloss / a transparent plastic sheet

  6. White adhesive

  7. Golden glitter

How to do the wall hanger:

1. The square cardboard of 7 inch side is taken.

2. A white sheet is pasted above it and the pattern as shown in the above picture is drawn.

3. Poster or acrylic colors can be used to fill the design pattern. The outlines are given with a golden glitter.

4. Some golden thermacoal (used for decorations) are pasted as shown above. Allow it to dry.

5. The complete cardboard is finally coated with glue & gloss or a transparent plastic sheet is cut to the needed size and pasted for lasting longer.

6. A bunch of pink and maroon color woollen threads are tied to the three corners of the cardboard with some golden thermacoals in it. In the fourth corner left out, a thick thread is tied as a loop so that it could be hung to the wall.

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