Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brown flower vase with five white roses

This is my very first craft work with waste!

Items required:
  1. A waste plastic bottle with its head part cut and the cylindrical part of 15 cm height

  2. 30 newspapers (15 cm width 30 cm height)

  3. Brown emulsion paint

  4. White adhesive

  5. A white cloth -for flower

  6. Green color paper -for leaf and calyx

  7. Floral tape - for stem

  8. 5 Thick strings

  9. Thread
How to do the flower vase:

1. Around the plastic bottle of specified height paste a paper.
2. Roll the newspapers with hand tightly and paste the end with white adhesive or can be tied with a thread as I did. Allow it to dry.
3. Each newspaper represents a wood piece.
4. Glue on the paper around bottle and paste those 30 sticks.
5. Paint them all with brown emulsion paint(lasts forever). Allow to dry.
6. The base of the vase can be covered with the newspaper and painted.

How to do the white roses:

1. Cut the white cloth piece into squares of 5cm side.
2. In each square, a petal shape is drawn and cut.
3. For the bud at the centre, a small piece of cloth is wound around the string. Keep a petal on the thick string and wind it with a thread then the next petal and wind. Keep going until 8 petals are kept consecutively and at last knot it. Now cut the green color paper in the shape of calyx and leaves.
4. Tie the calyx after the last row of petals are wound. Wind the string with the floral tape for the stem portion. Above that the leaves are pasted at random.

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