Thursday, March 25, 2010

Quilled birthday card!

A quilled birthday card for my brother!
Also I have weaved pink and yellow color papers at the base for an extraordinary look..

Inside the card..

My first quilled card :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

World House Sparrow Day!

I am contributing the below story and the bird feeder to Cute Sparrow Crafts Event '10 by Shama Nagarajan in her blog My Handicrafts this day March 20, World House Sparrow Day.

A bedtime story for kids:

Characters: Sparrow (Chintu)
                   Pigeon (Bantu)

                Once there were two pals Chintu and Bantu. They play, sing, dance and eat together. They stayed together in a tree hole. Bantu often listens to Chintu's songs and they enjoyed their peaceful living.
                One day, a man came with a chainsaw ( a machine used to fell trees) and fell the tree in which Chintu and Bantu stayed. They both flew away from the tree and got separated for long days. Chintu and Bantu searched for each other and finally met one fine day.

Bantu: Hi Chintu, How are you? Glad to see you here after a very long time! Where have you been all these days?

Chintu: I am fine Bantu! Yes, as today is World House Sparrow day, I came here to this city. How are you Bantu?

Bantu: I am doing good Chintu. How did you get an idea to come to this city?

Chintu: I can find some food here only on this day and people will take care on us rather than threatening us. Moreover, I donot like the city traffic sound and pollution. There are no green trees found here for protection. I am scared about the people in cities. Anyways, Bantu I am happy to see you again!

Bantu: Hey Chintu, don't worry ..there are some friendly people too who provide us food and shelter. Come, lets share some grains from this bird-feeder.

Chintu: Nice Bantu.. If our Earth is taken care with trees grown everywhere and given importance to all living beings, it will become a paradise! Hoping to get those days Bantu!

Bantu: Sure Chintu.. Some kind-hearted people will save us and we can become free from traffic and pollution one day! Come on chintu.. Cheer up! Please sing a song for me..

Both Chintu and Bantu happily shared their grains from the bird-feeder and had a nice day with chintu singing and Bantu dancing and all plays!
Save the Earth by growing more trees, give shelter to all living beings and get rid of the pollution.

The Bird -feeder: 

Items required to do the bird-feeder:

1. A plastic bottle
2. Two ice -cream sticks
3. Food grains
4. Rope to tie

How to do the Bird-feeder:

 1. Make holes in the plastic bottle for the ice-cream sticks to get inserted as in the picture.
    The birds can stand on it.

 2. Put a hole just above the ice cream stick .
    The hole should be big enough for the birds to feed on grains.

 3. Fill the bottle with food grains.

 4. Tie the bird-feeder with a rope where birds can comfortably feed on the grains.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A feather on my hat!

My face is filled with smiles :)
Little Things Great Happiness to be the first  Indian blog on the Craft Map!!!
 Thanks  a lot Janet for connecting me to the world crafters!
Tons of thanks  to everyone who helped me to update the blog!

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