Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diwali Rangoli!

Happy and  safe Diwali to everyone :)
Diwali means festival of colorful lights..
And its more fun to have delightful sweets and dishes too!!
Its still more fun to put a colorful rangoli at the entrance of the house... 
Yep! just enjoy this colorful painted rangoli which I drew :)

 A top view of the rangoli...

Celebrate this festival of lights safely !!


Kids .. seek some elder's help while playing with crackers..

More importantly, just don't pollute the atmosphere !

Crackers at a glance...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dazzling flower pot !

Colourful flower pot !
One of my most awaited projects to say...
A step by step daily progress(it really means) at last resulted in a beautiful flowery pot :)
I am very grateful to my husband for his support to finish this :)
We gave this as a gift to one of our relatives' house warming ceremony..

A close up of the flower design with butterflies swarming...
This is a flat brush painting with fabric colours..

How to paint the flower pot:
1.The pot is first rubbed well with salt paper.
2.Then coated twice with primer. After each coating it is dried for a day time.
3.Glossy ivory paint is then coated all over the pot and dried for a day time.
4. Flat brushes of sizes 1,4,6 and 8 are used according to the needs.
5. Fabric colours are used for painting.
6. Metallic gold fabric colour is used on the neck and bottom of the pot to outline.
7. At last, the pot is coated twice with glue and gloss for a glossy look .