Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Star Stitch Flat Pouch!

I made two pouches with star stitch. A new kind of stitch which looks pretty good! Also, the brown bead to button up the pouch has given out a simple and neat finish. The hook number I used for this is 9G.
Pattern Reference: http://crochet-mania.blogspot.com/2008/05/blog-post_8484.html


Radha Renganathan said...

Hi, I like all the things you have made. what is the type of yarn you used for the crochet yarn bag and cell phone pouches? In India, thicker yarns are only Anchor knitting cottons; otherwise wool.

Will await your reply.

Radha, Chennai

Vidhya Ganesan said...

Hi Radha, thanks for your comment! Those yarns I bought them in Pune. It is wool but will be a bit soft and silky. Fancy type of woolen yarns.. They are available in bundles and bought them in kilogram measurement. I am not finding them in Chennai. Radha, also visit my crocheting blog : http://vidhya-crocheting.blogspot.com