Friday, June 5, 2009

A flower basket with red roses

Items required:

  1. Ice cream sticks 160 nos.
  2. Red and green color papers
  3. Coconut coir
  4. Green emulsion paint
  5. Floral tape
  6. Thick string
  7. Thread
  8. White adhesive

How to do the flower basket:

1. Some dry coir is taken and is painted with green emulsion paint for a leafy effect. Allow it to dry for 24 hours.

2. * The ice cream sticks are arranged in a hexagonal shape and the ends are pasted so that a hexagonal ring is formed. The next round of hexagon is similarly made and fixed such that the first hexagon ring is in inner side and the second outward. Then the third hexagon ring is made and fixed such that the second ring is in inner side and the third being outward and so on. Continue till eight rounds are completed. Now one third of the basket is done. Similarly, repeat from * for two more. Allow them all to dry.

3. Above the first hexagon part, place the second part upside down and the third one as the first. Fix it firmly.

4.For the base which is hollow should be covered with the icecream sticks placing them next to next and by appying the adhesive.

How to do the red roses:

1.Red color paper is cut into squares of 5cm side.

2.Petal shape is drawn and cut. For the bud at the centre, a small piece of red color paper is wound around the string. Keep a petal on the thick string and wind it with a thread then the next petal and wind. Keep going until 8 petals are kept consecutively and at last knot it. Now cut the green color paper in the shape of calyx and leaves.

3.Tie the calyx after the last row of petals are wound. Wind the string with the floral tape for the stem portion. Above that the leaves are pasted at random.

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