Saturday, August 1, 2009

Traditional Chukku Coffee!

When you have head ache and need a sip of brisk flavoured drink to boost up, just try out the traditional Chukku coffee. This herbal coffee has so many health factors like it relieves you from head ache, keeps the kidneys to work efficiently and for good digestion. Also the strong aroma and flavour refreshes your body.


1. A handful of coriander seeds
2. A lemon size Chukku/ Saunth/ Dry ginger
3. A few black pepper corns
4. A few Tulasi leaves
5. Jaggery/ Karuppatti or sugar

How to prepare:

1. Just grind the coriander seeds, chukku and peppercorns to powder.
2. In 4 cups of water, add the powder and tulasi leaves.
3. Add karuppatti (or sugar) to water and boil with all ingredients.
4. Boil well and filter it.
5. Pour it to a coffee mug and enjoy immediately the aroma rising from the coffee. You will feel refreshed in each sip.

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