Friday, January 29, 2010

Flower basket with plastic craft wire


Items Required:
  1. Plastic craft wire of any color
  2. Readymade flowers and leaves
  3. Soap bar
  4. White sheet
  5. Bell pins
  6. Pink beads

How to do the flower basket:
  1. Wrap the white sheet on the soap bar and fix it.
  2. With the plastic craft wire, put 8s as shown in the picture and fix it with bell pins.
  3. Beads are added to the head of bell pins before inserting. It looks more decorative.
  4. Continue till the whole soap bar is covered.
  5. For the basket's handle, tear the wire into two thin wires and keep folding them in such a way that they form 90 degrees for each fold.
  6. Pin them up with bell pins at the ends.

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