Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aquarium wall hanger!

I like to see those colorful, beautiful fishes in water with the sea plants and pebbles. Wow! the wall hanger seems to have a wooden frame right? Lets see how do it.
Items required:
  1. Newspapers (15 cm width 30 cm height)
  2. Brown emulsion paint
  3. White adhesive
  4. A thick white chart
  5. Acrylic colors
  6. Lamination sheet
How to do the frame:

1. Roll the newspapers with hand tightly and paste the end with white adhesive or can be tied with a thread as I did. Allow it to dry.
2. Each newspaper represents a wood piece.
3. Paint them all with brown emulsion paint(lasts forever). Allow to dry.
4.Paste around the chart to make a frame.

How to do the wall hanger:

1. The picture is drawn as shown above in the white chart.
2. Color it with acrylic colors and allow it to dry.
3. Laminate the picture with a lamination sheet.
4.Tie a thread at the top end to make a wall hanger.

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