Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dora - the explorer!

Dora is famous among kids. This wall hanging is really cool with pretty colors and pista shell frame. Yeah.. I presented this as a birthday gift to a kid. And sorry for the missing pista shells! 

Items required:
  1. A thick cardboard cut into a circle
  2. Pista shells
  3. White chart cut into a circle with same circumference as the cardboard
  4. Acrylic colors
  5. Lamination sheet
  6. White adhesive
  7. Golden thermacoal balls
How to do the wall hanger:
  1. In the white chart, the picture as shown above is drawn and is painted with acrylic colors.
  2. It is fixed on the cardboard with white adhesive and laminated with the lamination sheet.
  3. Pista shells are pasted on its sides to create a frame and colored.
  4. Golden thermacoal balls are pasted in between the shells.
  5. Allow it to dry for a day time.
  6. A thread is tied at the top end for a wall hanger.

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