Monday, October 12, 2009

Lush green Lonavale !!



Yesterday we had a short trip in our bullet bike to a lush green place filled with waterfalls, mountains and ponds. Yeah..its none other than Lonavale.  It was morning 10.30 a.m we left our home. We carried a backpack filled with juice, water, snacks and lunch and started the journey with great excitement! The travel was good. Yellow flowers and grass lawns passed away on the roadside. We enjoyed the place. Took snaps of the beautiful mountains and waterfalls. Also we visited the scenic nature near Aamby Valley city.

But soon the bright sun above our head made us feel tired.  We came down the hills and planned to have lunch at Bushy dam (with a small waterfall). But the crowd and hot sun made us not to stay there for long. So we halted in a park nearby and had lunch. Refreshed ourselves and we started back to home.

More about the place:
Lonavla or Lonavale (Marathi: लोणावळा) is a city and a hill station in Pune district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is about 64 kms away from the city of Pune. It is famous throughout India for the hard candy sweet known as "chikki" or in Tamil what we call it as "kadalai mittai".


Vivek.a said...

It's really a nice place to see in snap.I thought it was taken in US.

Vidhya Ganesan said...

Oooh! such a lovely place right?
But compared to Kodaikanal, it is having less tourist attractions and sight seeing..

anu said...

What madam stopped blogging? Do post some events and creations? :)