Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pipal tree Vinayagar wall hanging!

Great to see Vinayagar wall hanging especially done in pipal tree (அரச மரம்) leaves itself.
It took quite a long number of days to dry the leaves and pasting. Once that was done, it was fun to color and decorate with ornaments. A very simple and auspicious gift to your friends or relatives.

Items required:

1. A thick cardboard (12 inches side)
2. Poster or Acrylic colours (red,yellow,green,white,black)
3. Golden thermacoal balls
4. Woollen threads (red,white, green)
5. Glue & gloss / a transparent plastic sheet
6. White adhesive
7. Glitters
8.Various sizes of pipal tree leaves (dried)

How to do the wall hanger:

1. The square cardboard of 12 inch side is taken.

2. A white sheet is pasted above it. the pipal tree leaves are allowed to dry and then pasted in the shape of Lord Vinayagar.

3. Suitable poster or acrylic colors are used to paint the picture.

4. The ornaments are given with various color glitters. Allow it to dry.

5. The complete cardboard is finally coated with glue & gloss or a transparent plastic sheet is cut to the needed size and pasted for lasting longer.

6. A bunch of red, green and white color woollen threads are tied to the three corners of the cardboard with some golden thermacoals in it. In the fourth corner left out, a thick thread is tied as a loop so that it could be hung to the wall.


anu said...

I always like Vinayaga. This one is really good :) I like it.

Vidhya Ganesan said...

Thanks Anu!